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Baseball Pinback Buttons
By: Dr. Paul M. Muchinsky

The first book published by Great Oaks Press is Baseball Pinback Buttons: A Photographically Illustrated Compendium and Price Guide, authored by Dr. Paul Muchinsky.  Baseball Pinback Buttons is an exquisite "coffee table" type book that will serve as a definitive reference.  Baseball pinback buttons were originally sold at ballparks as souvenirs.  They were first made over 100 years ago, and they promote all levels of baseball from Little League to the World Series.  They are beautiful time capsules of America's pastime.  To anyone who enjoys baseball, the book will elicit fond memories of players and teams captured in the elegance of baseball pinback buttons.  The book feature 3,271 baseball pinback buttons shown in actual size and vivid color.  The pinbacks are presented in 26 major sections.  Each section also contains an annotated description and explanation of the pins featured.  See sections B, C, D, G, L, Q, R, U & X for a preview.  The sections are:

Section A: Spring Training Pinbacks
Section B: Opening Day Pinbacks
Section C: Welcome Franchise Pinbacks
Section D: Little League Pinbacks
Section E: Babe Ruth League & American Legion League Pinbacks
Section F: School and Local Baseball Team Pinbacks
Section G: Minor League Pinbacks
Section H: Knothole Gang Pinbacks
Section I: Baseball Booster Pinbacks
Section J: 1.25" Crossed Bats Pinbacks
Section K: 1.75" Crossed Bats Pinbacks
Section L: Major League Team Pinbacks
Section M: Jackie Robinson Pinbacks
Section N: Negro League Pinbacks
Section O: Baseball Fan Club Pinbacks
Section P: Special Day Baseball Pinbacks
Section Q: Baseball Advertising Pinbacks
Section R: 1.75" Baseball Player Pinbacks
Section S: 2.125" Baseball Player Pinbacks
Section T: Large Baseball Pinbacks
Section U: Player Accomplishment Pinbacks
Section V: Manager Pinbacks
Section W: All-Star Game Pinbacks
Section X: World Series Pinbacks
Section Y: 1961 New York Yankees Pinbacks
Section Z: Miscellaneous Baseball Pinbacks

Baseball Pinback Buttons begins with an introduction that explains how pinback buttons are made, the identification of reproductions and fantasies, ribbons and charms on baseball pinback buttons, dating, and factors pertaining to condition.  The book concludes with an up-to-date price guide.  Baseball Pinback Buttons is 592 pages in length, and is printed on gloss enamel paper.  The book is available for purchase.  Baseball Pinback Buttons can be purchased by check, money order, or PayPal.  Make check or money order payable to Great Oaks Press.

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